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HEALING Retreat 13 – day

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Date 1 May 2021 until 13 May 2021

Start on first day at 00:00

Finish on last day at 23:59

Chavin de Huantar
Chavin de Huantar

Country Peru

In Tantra, there is no therapy. But there are situations and methods that do create understanding of our conditioning; our wounds and traumas… Sometimes, however, this is not enough, and hence the need to incorporate into Tantra a healing aspect that supports the liberation of our inner limitations towards evolution. In this retreat, based essentially in Kaula Tantra, we practice very valuable methods of the Medicine Path* – from the Amazon and other Native American traditions. The process supports us in getting direct access to parts of ourselves that we unconsciously block, which tends to limit our spiritual expansion. Such blocks might be covering painful lies, a wound or trauma too difficult to face, or they might be covering our beauty, truth, love, and creative potential…

The Medicine Ceremonies’ healing actions uncover our unconscious stressful strategies to not feel, to not encounter all the hidden parts of us. Such strategies are what stops us from peacefully resting in ourselves without fear. From a relaxation grounded in the reality of our inner nature, we can unfold a healthy evolutionary lifestyle aiming to support life: to care and nourish; to create ever-expanding levels of consciousness, of love, of health – not only of the individual, but also of society, humanity, and all of existence.

The main areas of exploration:
– Healing past wounds, traumas, misunderstandings
– Healing health issues
– Understanding inner sabotaging strategies
– Uncovering hidden qualities
– Facing and letting go of addictions to whatsoever!
– Connecting with the Source of life
– Finding stability, grounding in you
– Crystallizing your inner direction, purpose, intention in life

Some words from Pema:  “After few years experiencing the powerful temple of Chavin de Huantar with the Huachuma Medicine, it has become clear to me that I have stepped to a very specific mysterious Path of learning to enter the Mystery of the Memory of all there is. This very sacred Path has a lot of similarities with the Path of Tantra though it has its own symbols and cosmology, yet its basic foundation rests on the wisdom of embracing the creative duality principal of energy from where everything manifest.
This is why I feel the Wisdom of Chavin is of great benefit for the ones involved into Tantra or even other forms of spiritual paths. It simply enhances one’s own path with powerful understandings, healings and reshaping of point of views! The process goes from integrating, incorporating, digesting, distilling, merging… the Wisdom of Chavin the Huantar and its Medicine into our inner field of energy. This Wisdom cannot be put into a verbal, intellectual, rational system, yet it can be comprehended as a Map indicating the ways to open our vision to See the deepest Mystery of our own being and of existence.”


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