“Get a bit more crazy! Celebrate!”

“Get a bit more crazy! Celebrate!”

The Kaula Practices

are based on inner and outer methods which seek to transform the human attitude, behaviour and expression into its higher potential of creation and consciousness. It is not a religion, nor a concept or a philosophy. It is a science of human capacities to manifest consciousness. It involves daily-life practices aimed at enhancing one’s awareness of manifesting actions from consciousness and love, so as to generate a life in harmony with the whole.

Relating Authentically

In the Kaula family, we reveal our pure being which most of the time hides behind social masks. We create a space for love, care, gratitude and creativity; opening a field of healing and celebration where everyone feels welcome to share him/herself authentically.


In all of us resides a potential of love and consciousness that simply needs to be remembered in order to manifest. Remembrance is what we create in the field of the Kaula by relating, creating, celebrating and meditating together.

LIFE Retreat – 10 to 21 days

In this retreat, we live and evolve as a united spiritual family where everyone takes care of one another on all levels by applying meditation methods and guidance from the Kaula wisdom principle: the art of living in harmony. The whole process unfolds as “normal daily life”, while deep awareness of relating consciously and lovingly with everyone and everything is generated. This offers a “family womb” that lets us step out of our unconscious reactions based on destructive patterns, to instead respond consciously, based on the creative intelligence of love and consciousness.

In our relating, most of us get triggered by our conditioned habits of protecting and defending ourselves in order to stay alive. This generates lots of suffering in us, and in others, by strengthening the sense of separation that isolates us; and alienates us from the beauty of life, as well as from our human potential. In this retreat, we want to provide understanding of this “negative-based life orientation”, so that it may be transformed into a positive and creative attitude towards life. This allows us to grow out of the immature survival state into a mature spiritual state: the state of our true potential as conscious, creative human beings who contribute and manifest our higher qualities for the benefit of the whole.

The main areas of exploration:
– Integrating the Kaula Tantra teachings in daily life
– Living in a spiritual family
– Relating in conscious ways
– Letting go of negative concepts of life and love
– Awakening, manifesting who you are
– Becoming a mature, responsible human being

Some words from Pema:

“I view the whole Life Retreat as a family gathering. To me, family is what is closest to us. We are all born in a family. We cannot avoid it, for without it we wouldn’t be born. Family is the stepping stone where we all start our life journey. And to my own understanding, it is where we continue our journey, again and again. Eventually, one day, we leave our biological family, but we keep growing in a larger family. Our journey is an endless evolution into a family field. I use this field for us to awaken to consciousness, to get to know who we are and to gain understanding of many different aspects of existence…

The beauty of the family dynamics lies in the constant mirroring. Among various aspects, in particular one troublesome aspect is mirrored: the dilemma of individuality versus togetherness. We know we are in family, yet we want to stand alone; stand separated. Thus we resist the context we were born into. We are all unique individuals. This is the beauty, but the trouble too. In order to keep our uniqueness, our individuality, we create a sense of separation, for we believe that if we melt into the whole we will no longer be anything, we will disappear.

How can you merge with others without loosing your uniqueness, staying a unique individual? In the Life Retreat – with the help of Tantra methods, situations and individual and group guidance – we create a context where we can share our uniqueness for the benefit of ourselves and the whole at the same time. I call this “being at the service of love and consciousness”, as opposed to being at the service of our selfish desires and egoistic needs, which most of the time go against the harmony of the family (the small and the universal)…”

Upcoming retreats

LIFE Retreat 16-day
26 June 2021 - 11 July 2021, Simiane-La-Rotonde, Simiane-la-Rotonde

Registration & Information: retreat@heartofall.com

HEALING Retreat – 4 to 21 days

In Tantra, there is no therapy. But there are situations and methods that do create understanding of our conditioning; our wounds and traumas… Sometimes, however, this is not enough, and hence the need to incorporate into Tantra a healing aspect that supports the liberation of our inner limitations towards evolution. In this retreat, based essentially in Kaula Tantra, we practice very valuable methods of the Medicine Path* – from the Amazon and other Native American traditions. The process supports us in getting direct access to parts of ourselves that we unconsciously block, which tends to limit our spiritual expansion. Such blocks might be covering painful lies, a wound or trauma too difficult to face, or they might be covering our beauty, truth, love, and creative potential…

The Medicine Ceremonies’ healing actions uncover our unconscious stressful strategies to not feel, to not encounter all the hidden parts of us. Such strategies are what stops us from peacefully resting in ourselves without fear. From a relaxation grounded in the reality of our inner nature, we can unfold a healthy evolutionary lifestyle aiming to support life: to care and nourish; to create ever-expanding levels of consciousness, of love, of health – not only of the individual, but also of society, humanity, and all of existence.

The main areas of exploration:
– Healing past wounds, traumas, misunderstandings
– Healing health issues
– Understanding inner sabotaging strategies
– Uncovering hidden qualities
– Facing and letting go of addictions to whatsoever!
– Connecting with the Source of life
– Finding stability, grounding in you
– Crystallizing your inner direction, purpose, intention in life

Some words from Pema:

“After many years of guiding Tantra retreats, I have noticed how Tantrikas are often turning round and round in the same vicious circles of pain, of misunderstanding, despite meditating sincerely. Although I feel that I do offer a field that allows for everyone to encounter their inner world, and understand, transform or drop what hinders them, I have come to the conclusion that that is not enough.

In 2015, I invited a few Tantrikas to come to Peru to explore the Medicine Path of the Amazon peoples. The result was beyond all my expectations! The healing passing through everyone provided deep transformation. It has uplifted the life of everyone into more awareness of their responsibility to live life consciously. Now, in the chaotic time we live in, I feel such healing is extremely important. We do not have time anymore to hang around with our wounds, traumas, sicknesses of the mind. Because we have to manifest the very best of ourselves in order to balance our lives and this world – with love, with consciousness, with creativity, with the sacred…

As a Tantrika, I feel we are all responsible for leaving behind the millennia of rotten conditioning and beliefs that have created a destruction-oriented world filled with rape, murder, wars, and denial of our nature and of nature itself… At some level, we all carry this layer of destructive energies, and it affects us and the world around us.

As a Mother of the Kaula Heart of All, I feel a deep responsibility to bring all Tantrikas of the Kaula and other lineages into Healing, in order to restore a healthy way of life and provide an accelerated awakening in all of us. To awaken is not an egoistic affair; it is a world-changing process where we become responsible for manifesting a world rooted in love and consciousness…”

* Often referred to by the misused term “Shamanic Path”. The word “Shaman” refers only to the medicine men/women of Siberia. It is now commonly being applied to any medicine people, even though every tradition on the Medicine Path have their own specific names to define themselves.

Upcoming retreats

HEALING Retreat 4 - day
15 June 2021 - 18 June 2021, Meeuwenveen Accommodations, Havelte

HEALING Retreat 9 - day
28 September 2021 - 07 October 2021, Lalita Devi Retreat Center, Acebo

Registration & Information: retreat@heartofall.com

PILGRIMAGE Retreat – 10 to 21 days

This retreat is structured as a journey to some specific places in the world. The journey is explored as a pilgrimage, not to an outer place but to the often-forgotten inner place where our essential being awaits recognition and manifestation. Every step of the outer journey is utilized for traveling into ourselves, to our own sacred place where we pay homage to the being we are. In the process, we shake ourselves out of our comfort zone in all possible ways, for us to revalue our connection with life and ourselves.

We travel as a family, carrying only a basic minimum. We do have a direction in which to go, but we do not plan all the steps needed to get where we want. We don’t know where we are going to sleep at night, or where our next meal will be. We move intuitively, a spontaneous intelligence guiding our steps. The whole process tremendously increases our being present to the moment in great aliveness, creatively and consciously responding to all the unpredictable situations. The challenges (they are many!) that such traveling provides, stir up awareness, passion, and unexploited positive qualities and inner wisdom in us. This grounds us in our essence, at the source of consciousness from where we can reshape our lives according to the principles of harmony being unlocked by our inner pilgrimage.

The main areas of exploration:
– Coming out of our comfort zone
– Re-connecting with our inner source
– Developing presence in the moment
– Letting go of prejudice
– Revaluing our purpose in life

Some words from Pema:

“This retreat calls up the vibrant fire of the spiritual traveler in us. We are a traveler of this life journey, not a fixed being. We are in perpetual evolution; on a journey from one shore to another, exploring all the inner and outer mysterious aspects of life. We tend to forget about it, because of our sedentary materialistic lifestyle, favoring the outer world and denying the inner. This results in valuing things more than alive beings. It makes us shut down the part of ourselves that feels the alive connectedness between everything and everyone; the part we may call our sense of sacredness, of oneness, of unity… It is a kind of sleep we indulge in, without even noticing it, as it feels comfortable and safe. But there comes a moment, to every sane person, when an unpleasant, confusing dissatisfaction from deep within surfaces. This reminds us to reconnect with the reality of life’s beauty, which in our sleepy state we have totally denied. The Pilgrimage Retreat offers this precious connection back to us…”

Upcoming retreats
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Registration & Information: retreat@heartofall.com

MEETING Event – 1 evening to 1 day

This event is for Kaula members and people who are interested in the Kaula field, to meet, to share, to practice some Kaula Tantra meditation methods, and to receive new Song from Pema.

The main areas of exploration:
– Pema’s Song
– Coming together
– Practicing meditations
– Celebrating the family

Some words from Pema:

“In our society, when family members come together it is mostly to share a meal and chat. It can be very sweet and cozy, but it often lacks in the depths of meeting. In the Kaula Meeting, conceived for the fun of it, we do have our little “gossips” to share, but we prioritize the creation of a field where we meet heart to heart. Meditating and singing together opens us up to one another in the way of direct connection, where we meet in the depths of love. These moments of contact are very precious as they redirect us, again and again, into looking towards our authenticity, and towards manifesting it consciously.

Even though these Kaula Meetings are short in time, they do strongly empower us with great inputs of understanding and transformation that we can apply in our lives. In this way, the family meeting is no longer a mundane happening but an enriching, uplifting experience…”

Upcoming retreats
No Events

Registration & Information: retreat@heartofall.com