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Kaula Meeting: Give-Away Celebration 1 day

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Date 15 Sep 2020

Start on first day at 15:00

Finish on last day at 23:30

The Bodhi Tree
Hellingweg 24

Country Netherlands

This event is for Kaula members and people who are interested in the Kaula field, to meet, to share, to practice some Kaula Tantra meditation methods, and to receive new Song from Pema.

The main areas of exploration:
– Pema’s Song
– Coming together
– Practicing meditations
– Celebrating the family

Some words from Pema:

“In our society, when family members come together it is mostly to share a meal and chat. It can be very sweet and cozy, but it often lacks in the depths of meeting. In the Kaula Meeting, conceived for the fun of it, we do have our little “gossips” to share, but we prioritize the creation of a field where we meet heart to heart. Meditating and singing together opens us up to one another in the way of direct connection, where we meet in the depths of love. These moments of contact are very precious as they redirect us, again and again, into looking towards our authenticity, and towards manifesting it consciously.

Even though these Kaula Meetings are short in time, they do strongly empower us with great inputs of understanding and transformation that we can apply in our lives. In this way, the family meeting is no longer a mundane happening but an enriching, uplifting experience…”

What is the Give -Away Celebration:

“In the Dakota (native Indian) way of living there is one principal which was glorifying: The act of Giving. It was natural to let things change hands because things were less important than people. It was beautiful to honour relatives rather than gather goods for oneself. The whole teaching is deep and very meaningful especially in our society where we have become extremely greedy, amassing useless goods just to feel I have something.

I would like to revive this ancestral tradition of Give-Away from the Dakota people to whom I feel so close in my heart. Here it is what I propose: On the 31 March we gather for a Kaula Day. There you can all bring gifts you like to give-away to some people. The gifts need to be something you own already. It is not something you go to buy somewhere and than offer it to someone. It can be anything you own like your clothes, some objects… The person receiving your gift is free to use it and then pass it on to somebody when time is needed. 
You might like to take this special opportunity to go in all your cupboard, wardrobe and select what you feel would be good to give-away to someone. It is not about getting ride of something you don’t like anymore, but more about looking what you like to offer to someone by give-away something of you that has served you for some time. It can be even your most precious object which you feel would honour somebody. For example: The Dakota people would offer their best horse to someone they wanted to honour, as an act of gratitude. I am aware we live in another time (please don’t bring horses!!), so we can reshape the give away-celebration by being somewhat a bit more humble in our giving, yet keeping the essence of the tradition: Honouring someone with a gift.

So this will be the first part of our Give-Away. It will be in form of a ceremony which I will explain where we gather together.

The second part of the Give-Away will be something we are more use to in our society; simply give away things you don’t need anymore. We can make a big pile of all our clothes or objects in the middle of the room and everybody can serve himself/herself.

Please don’t feel obliged to come with something. You can totally come empty handed and go back home with hands full of gifts. There is no obligation in whatsoever way. Your presence is already a gift by itself. And please, don’t warp your gifts in paper. Let’s be a bit ecological on that level!


For information contact Anand: anand@thebodhitree.eu