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LIFE Retreat 16-day

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Date 27 Jun 2020 until 12 Jul 2020

Start on first day at 14:00

Finish on last day at 18:00

La Lebratière
04150 Simiane-la-Rotonde

Country France

In this retreat, we live and evolve as a united spiritual family where everyone takes care of one another on all levels by applying meditation methods and guidance from the Kaula wisdom principle: the art of living in harmony. The whole process unfolds as “normal daily life”, while deep awareness of relating consciously and lovingly with everyone and everything is generated. This offers a “family womb” that lets us step out of our unconscious reactions based on destructive patterns, to instead respond consciously, based on the creative intelligence of love and consciousness.

In our relating, most of us get triggered by our conditioned habits of protecting and defending ourselves in order to stay alive. This generates lots of suffering in us, and in others, by strengthening the sense of separation that isolates us; and alienates us from the beauty of life, as well as from our human potential. In this retreat, we want to provide understanding of this “negative-based life orientation”, so that it may be transformed into a positive and creative attitude towards life. This allows us to grow out of the immature survival state into a mature spiritual state: the state of our true potential as conscious, creative human beings who contribute and manifest our higher qualities for the benefit of the whole.

The main areas of exploration:
– Integrating the Kaula Tantra teachings in daily life
– Living in a spiritual family
– Relating in conscious ways
– Letting go of negative concepts of life and love
– Awakening, manifesting who you are
– Becoming a mature, responsible human being

Some words from Pema:

“I view the whole Life Retreat as a family gathering. To me, family is what is closest to us. We are all born in a family. We cannot avoid it, for without it we wouldn’t be born. Family is the stepping stone where we all start our life journey. And to my own understanding, it is where we continue our journey, again and again. Eventually, one day, we leave our biological family, but we keep growing in a larger family. Our journey is an endless evolution into a family field. I use this field for us to awaken to consciousness, to get to know who we are and to gain understanding of many different aspects of existence…

The beauty of the family dynamics lies in the constant mirroring. Among various aspects, in particular one troublesome aspect is mirrored: the dilemma of individuality versus togetherness. We know we are in family, yet we want to stand alone; stand separated. Thus we resist the context we were born into. We are all unique individuals. This is the beauty, but the trouble too. In order to keep our uniqueness, our individuality, we create a sense of separation, for we believe that if we melt into the whole we will no longer be anything, we will disappear.

How can you merge with others without loosing your uniqueness, staying a unique individual? In the Life Retreat – with the help of Tantra methods, situations and individual and group guidance – we create a context where we can share our uniqueness for the benefit of ourselves and the whole at the same time. I call this “being at the service of love and consciousness”, as opposed to being at the service of our selfish desires and egoistic needs, which most of the time go against the harmony of the family (the small and the universal)…”

La Lebratière,


Registration & Information: retreat@heartofall.com