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Pilgrimage Retreat 21-days – Lake Titikaka & Sacred Valley, Peru 2023

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Date 23 Jan 2023 until 12 Feb 2023

Start on first day at 00:00

Finish on last day at 00:00

Lake Titicaca
Lake Titicaca
Lake Titicaca

Country Peru

It will start straight at an altitude of 4000 meters altitude at the lake Titikaka, the birth place of Tiahuanacu culture, of the great Viracocha who according to myth created the first man and woman who became the first legendary Inka people. The lake Titikaka is by far my favourite pilgrimage place in Peru. To walk its paths, islands and bath in its water and spirit is a golden blessing of transformation!
We will visit a few of the sacred places around the lake such as the Aramu Muru gate, Cutimbo… and more! And then for a few days, we will stay on Amantani island with local people. This is great privilege!
There we will visit the main sacred places such as the temples of Pachatata and Pachamama. This island is pure magic and with a very high vibration. No cars, nearly no internet… definitely no pollution! Big silence and mystery all around! A good place to resource ourselves and do some specific healing rituals. From there we will move on to the Sacred Valley. We will stay at Urubamba to visit sacred sites such as Moray, Ollantaytambo and Chinchero.
After such an uplifting journey we will be fully ready for the second part of our pilgrimage which will consist of 4 ceremoies with Alonso del Rio! In between the ceremonies we will meet our beautiful healer Vilma for a Coca Leave reading and healing sessions. And we are looking to invite Tito la Rosa for a private healing concert.
This program is subject to change because of the weather which might not allow us to visit some places and also because we might like to go visiting other places which now are not part of the program. And most of all because we like to surprise ourselves with new possibilities!

Travel Plan:
Arrival: 23 January arrival in Puno
24 to 25 January visit of sacred sites around Puno
26 to 29 January stay on Amantani Island
30 January coming back to Puno
31 January  travel to Urubamba
1 to 3 February  visit of sacred site around Urubamba
4 February going to Taray to Alonso’s place
2 to 12 February Retreat with Alonso
12 February going to Pisac
Departure: 13 or later return to Lima (I advice you to stay longer!)


What is a Pilgrimage Retreat?
This retreat is structured as a journey to some specific places in the world. The journey is explored as a pilgrimage, not to an outer place but to the often-forgotten inner place where our essential being awaits recognition and manifestation. Every step of the outer journey is utilized for traveling into ourselves, to our own sacred place where we pay homage to the being we are. In the process, we shake ourselves out of our comfort zone in all possible ways, for us to revalue our connection with life and ourselves.We travel as a family, carrying only a basic minimum. We do have a direction in which to go, but we do not plan all the steps needed to get where we want. We move intuitively, a spontaneous intelligence guiding our steps. The whole process tremendously increases our being present to the moment in great aliveness, creatively and consciously responding to all the unpredictable situations. The challenges (they are many!) that such traveling provides, stir up awareness, passion, and unexploited positive qualities and inner wisdom in us. This grounds us in our essence, at the source of consciousness from where we can reshape our lives according to the principles of harmony being unlocked by our inner pilgrimage.


The main areas of exploration:
– Coming out of our comfort zone
– Re-connecting with our inner source
– Developing presence in the moment
– Letting go of prejudice
– Revaluing our purpose in life


Some words from Pema:
“This retreat calls up the vibrant fire of the spiritual traveler in us. We are a traveler of this life journey, not a fixed being. We are in perpetual evolution; on a journey from one shore to another, exploring all the inner and outer mysterious aspects of life. We tend to forget about it, because of our sedentary materialistic lifestyle, favoring the outer world and denying the inner. This results in valuing things more than alive beings. It makes us shut down the part of ourselves that feels the alive connectedness between everything and everyone; the part we may call our sense of sacredness, of oneness, of unity… It is a kind of sleep we indulge in, without even noticing it, as it feels comfortable and safe. But there comes a moment, to every sane person, when an unpleasant, confusing dissatisfaction from deep within surfaces. This reminds us to reconnect with the reality of life’s beauty, which in our sleepy state we have totally denied. The Pilgrimage Retreat offers this precious connection back to us…”


Registration & Information: registration@heartofall.com